P2PueR: Peer to Peer Backup Using Erasure Coding

Team IBet:   Argyro Andreou, Deepti Chheda, Alexander Giamas, George Nychis

Mentor:  Michael Abd-El-Malek

Problem Statement

     Current peer to peer backup systems lack the performance needed to scale to a large number of peers in terms of network usage, storage space needed, and end to end delay of backups and restorations.  As the size of hard disks increase, also increasing the amount of backup space needed, these issues are becoming more important.

Our Goal

     To address these issues we will take a fully implemented peer to peer backup system and implement erasure coding features into it to do performance analysis with the original system and our erasure coding system.  Our goal is to show that erasure coding can increase the scalability of peer to peer backup systems by allowing more data to be backed up with a higher level of reliability, using less remote disk space, less network bandwidth, and decreased end to end delay.  We will complete a technical report on our performance analysis which will be availible here.

Our Schedule

image of our schedule
AA=Argyro Andreou, DC=Deepti Chheda, AG=Alexander Giamas, GN=George Nychis

Current Status

  • 05/05/06: Our technical paper has been submitted for the project! Once we receive the paper back with marks, we will update it and make it availible.

  • 04/19/06: We have completed our tests on Emulab and are beginning to add the results to our technical paper.

  • 04/07/06: Our first set of results are ready which we are taking to our mentor

  • 03/28/06: P2PeuR has begin testing on emulab!

  • 03/26/06: The final P2PeuR code for testing on emulab has been submitted to our SVN repository. The code has gone through rigurous testing and is ready for Emulab

  • 03/19/06: The first release of our webpage!

  • 03/17/06: IBeT had their first design review for 18-842 broadcasted to AIT in Greece.

  • 03/16/06: We have begun implementing the PASIS erasure coding libraries into P2PueR, slightly behind schedule due to HiSpread compilation issues.

  • 03/14/06: HiSpread source compiled successfully for the first time after days of agony trying to find the dependencies the authors did not include, nor inform their users atleast of their names from poor documentation, so we'll help you! You need to download TZipBuilder's latest version and follow the instructions on installing the components into Borland C++Builder. Another note to make is the original HiSpread Borland project file includes file paths in it, so they must be removed for the project to compile.

  • 02/28/06: The PASIS libraries were released to us which include erasure coding libraries to be implemented into P2PueR, special thanks to Michael Abd-El-Malek and the Parallel Data Lab for releasing them privately to us.

  • 02/24/06: HiSpread has been chosen as our open source project to implement the erasure coding libraries into. Here is a screenshot of HiSpread that we uploaded for everyone.

  • 02/18/06: BackupBuddy was dropped as our open source complement due to author not taking project open source

  • 02/12/06: We are considering the following open source projects as our base peer to peer implementation: p2pbackup (C#), Up From Ashes (Java), IFolder (C#), as well as a non-open source we are asking for the source code BuddyBackup (C++)