Gahgene Gweon

This is me!

about me

My name is pronounced [Ga -gene], h is silent.

I am a PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. I am very excited about learning and contributing to this field!

* Here's my "elevator speech":
I am working on providing in-process feedback to student groups by supporting group processes that promote positive group output such as creation of a better product, or learning new skills. More specifically, I am working on automatically detecting instances of idea co-construction (ICC) processes because I believe that it is an important group process, which yields knowledge transfer between students. I trace the ICC process using speech data that is recorded during group meetings by looking for statements that are transactive in nature, i.e. individuals using their own knowledge to operate on the reasoning of their partner, or clarify their own ideas. My hypothesis is that the ICC process can be automatically detected in speech using prosodic features such as power or pitch. Furthermore, I hypothesize that the use of theories from sociolinguistics can aid with automatic prediction of ICC using speech signals.

* Research questions addressed in my PhD thesis:

How can we support instructors in facilitating group work based on their need?
Does idea co-construction process support knowledge transfer in group work?
Does the use of sociolinguistic theories increase automatic prediction of Idea co-construction (ICC) ?

* Research Interests: Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Social Computing, Collaborative Learning Process Analysis, Conversation Summarization, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

* Advisor: Carolyn Rose

* I have a BA in Computer Science and Economics from University of California, Berkeley (2002), and a master's degree in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University (2004).

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The best way to get in contact with me is via Email

A copy of my currivulum viate is linked for reference.

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