Griffin Della Grotte
Carnegie Mellon University
B. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Expected: 2020
GPA: 3.7
Pennsbury High School
Fairless Hills, PA
Top 1% - SAT: 2380
Dean's List
PicoCTF Top 100
PPP (CMU Hacking Team)
Excellence in Engineering
FIRST Robotics
Industrial Design
FIRST Robotics
Innovation in Control
FIRST Robotics
Programming: C++, C, CUDA, Java, Python, Android, LabView, SystemVerilog
Electronics: Drone Technology, PCB Layout, SDR, Test Equipment
Software: Altium Designer, GNURadio, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, MATLAB, Tableau, SVN, Git
Machine Shop: Mill, Lathe, Metrology, CNC
The CORE Group / Red Mesa
Security Research Intern (Project KeyMaker)
2017 to Current

Develop a device that facilitates the rapid defeat of high-security locks, such as used in government or commercial environments

Create an electro-mechanical device through all stages of development, from project scoping to fabrication

  • Design a system architecture and user experience
  • Communicate with suppliers to source components
  • Balance design trade-offs such lead time and cost
  • Work independently in an unstructured environment

Cerora, Inc.
Software Consultant
2013 to 2016

Worked on various projects for Cerora, a health technology start-up in east Pennsylvania

Borealis Software

  • Built an Android application which ran a battery of EEG tests, including recording, aggregating, and exporting data from multiple sensors
Signal Processing Library
  • Created a C++ library which handles signals from filtering through feature extraction

Physics and Flight Summer Program
Senior Instructor
2015 to Current

Organize curricula and assist in student instruction

Teach middle-school students all aspects of the R/C aircraft hobby, from theory of operation through actual flying

  • Cover aircraft from multi-rotor drones to fixed-wing craft
  • Directly instruct students in skills like soldering components, building airframes, and piloting R/C craft

Software Defined Radio - Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineered the RF stack of various everyday devices, such as garage door openers and restaurant pagers, as well as recreated a color analog television station for transmitting video (using CUDA for image translation)

WiFi Localization

Designed a localization system for building interiors (where GPS is not feasible) using the WiFi radios built into everyday internet devices and pre-existing wireless infrastructure

Tabletop PC

Converted a flat-screen television into a large touchscreen such that it could also be used as a table surface, all enclosed in an engraved wooden surround

Formula SAE Electric  ·  Project Manager (Low Voltage System)
Manage the design and construction of the low voltage control system for an all-electric race car.
  • Coordinate the electrical design of a distributed embedded system 
  • Oversee the creation of 4-layer circuit boards in Altium Designer
  • Design a real-time system architecture
FIRST Robotics Competition · Captain

Multi-time event winner, award recipient, and World Championship team

  • Oversee robot construction and subsystem integration
  • Create and set the strategic direction of the team
  • Team won all four major engineering awards during my leadership