2342 Eldridge St, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Sample photos of the interior, as of July 2001.

Shoe rack by front door.
Some videos on shelf.
Entertainment center.
Digital piano.
Dining table.
Computer on main floor.
Some pots and pans.
More stuff for cooking with.
Tea pot, tea kettle, French press, coffee grinder, knife block, rice cooker, toaster.
More counter space; choppers, pressure cooker, etc.
Some cabinets in kitchen.
Kitchen sink.
More counter space.
Microwave, bread maker, bread slicer.
Gas range (installed new in 1998).
Some bowls, dishes, cups, etc.
Some utensils, various kitchen gadgets.
View of dining area.

Photos of the house before moving into it in 1998.

Living room, facing street.
Decorative fireplace.
Dining room.
Dining room.
Dining room; facing basement door.
View outside window of dining room.
Staircase near front door.
Going up to the second floor.
Master bedroom.
Master bedroom; view of small closet with mirror on door.
Master bedroom.
Master bedroom: view across Eldridge St.
Master bedroom: view to roof and Eldridge St.
Bathroom: toilet and sink.
Bathroom: bathtub.
Third bedroom: built-in bookcase, door to small closet.
Third bedroom: window.
Third bedroom: light and entrance.
Third bedroom: view outside window to 5-point intersection.
Corridor from stairs to second bedroom.
Second bedroom: large closet and overhead area.
Second bedroom: ceiling fan/light, also entrance.
Second bedroom: three windows.
Second bedroom: view to roof and trees.
Second bedroom: closet
View down the stairs from second to ground floor.
Kitchen: sink, counter, dishwasher.
Kitchen: view from dining room: refrigerator, stove, entrance to den.
Kitchen: refrigerator, stove.
Half bathroom from den.
Den: view outside to deck.
Entrance, porch.
Fence, neighbor on left.
Steps toward entrance.
Small front yard.
Two windows of master bedroom on second floor.
Steps to basement.
Basement: electric box.
Basement: toward gas furnace.
Basement: view from bottom of stairs toward boiler.
Basement: furnace.
Basement: door to outside.
Basement: boiler, washer, dryer.
Basement: sinks.

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