CMU 15-418 (Spring 2012) Final Project:
Awesome Web Server
Eric Summers (esummers) and Woody Thompson (wrthomps)

Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Final Report

Working Schedule

Week What We Plan To Do What We Actually Did
Apr 1-7Build a simple server and do research on topics for future steps.Implemented tiny server.
Apr 8-14 Build a more complex server that handles things like POST requests.POST and other safe HTTP requests work.
Apr 15-21 Distribute server across multiple machines, with Load Balancing.Awesome is now distributed across multiple machines and Load Balanced, but we have not yet implemented Elasticity.
Apr 22-28Implement Elasticity.Elasticity Works.
Apr 29-May 5Implement non-trivial processing in the web page service loop and add Caching.Caching works!
May 6-11Test and Prepare presentation.Tested and Presented!

Working Log