CMU 15-418 (Spring 2012) Final Project:

Captcha Breaker

Jerene Yang, Eric Wu


Project Proposal

Checkpoint Report

Final Report

Working Schedule


What We Plan To Do

What We Actually Did

Apr 1-7

Port serial captcha breaker to C

 Port serial captcha breaker to C

Apr 8-14

Parallelize the de-noising stage

 Create a test bench for our captcha breaker

Apr 15-21

Parallelize the segmentation stage

 Tune the parameters to improve accuracy of our captcha breaker

Apr 22-28

Parallelize the identification stage

 Parallelize our captcha breaker

Apr 29-May 5

Modify the code for Yahoo Mail's CAPTCHA

 Modify our code for different captchas

May 6-11

Prepare our presentation and writeup

 Prepare our presentation/demo and writeup

Working Log

[Keep a log of work you have done here. You may wish to list optimizations you tried, what failed, etc. Or you can just rant. Keeping a good log will make it easy to put together your final writeup.]