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Why do you seek hits? Is it because of 15-396, Science of the Web? Read on to learn more.

What is Hitseeker?

A quick Google search for hitseeker reveals the top sites. Don't know what google is? Let me google that for you. If Google still isn't your thing, check out this metasearch that is actually called H.I.T.S.E.E.K.E.R., or if you're real adventurous, Bing.

Hitseeker music may be a thing! Check it out at their Facebook Page. Also check out the Seekers' Greatest Hits for a released album.

Check out this Hitseekers Promo 2011 for the aptly named show band from Australia. For a more recent example of their work, check out this rendition of Rolling in the Deep and others.

Hit Seekers at PJ's Irish Pub Parramatta

Shopping for Hitseeker? Look on Ebay or Amazon


Breaking news! Police are looking for a hit and run driver that hit a cyclist. Don't seek dangerous hits!

Hitseeker reddit has formed! Go and upvote fellow hitseekers!

Hitseeker.com is still up for sale, if anyone desires.

Hitseeker is now officially defined in Urban Dictionary!

Unfortunately for Tumblr users, histseeker.tumblr.com is already taken by someone.

Upcoming Hitseeker Events

All submissions are due by Sunday November 3rd by 11:59pm! Be sure to get all of your Hitseeker submissions in by then!

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