Our Vacation in Mexico


Here are some shots taken in Kailuum in February of 2003.

We met terrific new people, saw some great new sites and the weather was fabulous!




Walking towards our palapa




The ocean through my feet




Looking south




Looking north




Megan and Matt at “happy hour”




Returning from the dining palapa




I own all of this!




Swimming Area by Old Kailuum




The Gang at dinner




View from the Hammock




David and Ivan serving drinks




Susan, Gunnel & Honey




Gerardo Lucille and Ellen





Bouganvilla behind our palapa




Susan and Max





Our resident iguana




Honey and Paul




Hammock time for Megan




Morning sun




Inside palapa number 6




No better feeling than this!




A great place to read, sit and think




Beautiful palms and …




Heavenly beaches



That’s Kailuum!