Christian Tjandraatmadja

I am a last-year PhD student in the Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization program at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor is Willem-Jan van Hoeve.

I graduated from Universidade de São Paulo with a B.S. and a M.S. in Computer Science.


My main research interest is mixed-integer programming: solving optimization problems with integer and possibly continuous variables. My current focus is to enhance integer programming solvers with decision diagrams.

In process

Target Cuts from Relaxed Decision Diagrams
with Willem-Jan van Hoeve.
Accepted to INFORMS Journal on Computing.
Preprint versionSource code

Bounding and Counting Linear Regions of Deep Neural Networks
with Thiago Serra and Srikumar Ramalingam.
Submitted to conference.
Preprint version (arXiv)

Journal articles

Repetition-Free Longest Common Subsequence
with S.S. Adi, M.D. Braga, C.G. Fernandes, C.E. Ferreira, F.V. Martinez, M.-F. Sagot, M.A. Stefanes, and Y. Wakabayashi.
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 158.12 (2010): 1315–1324.

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

A Branch-and-Cut Approach to the Repetition-Free Longest Common Subsequence Problem
with Carlos E. Ferreira.
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, 36 (2010): 527–534. ISCO 2010 – International Symposium on Combinatorial Optimization.

A Polyhedral Investigation of the LCS Problem and a Repetition-Free Variant
with Cristina G. Fernandes, Carlos E. Ferreira, and Yoshiko Wakabayashi.
Proceedings of LATIN 2008: Theoretical Informatics, (2008): 329–338.


As the instructor:

Spring 2016 70-471: Supply Chain Management

As a teaching assistant:

Fall 2013 45-850: Applications of Operations Research
Spring 2014 45-854: Optimization Models for Operations
Fall 2014 45-850: Applications of Operations Research, 47-835: Graph Theory
Spring 2015 45-751: Optimization
Fall 2015 45-751: Optimization
Fall 2016 45-751: Optimization, 47-835: Graph Theory
Spring 2017 45-751: Optimization (online section)
Fall 2017 45-751: Optimization