Christopher Kellen: The ECE Years


I spent the first 9 years of my career as a Research Programmer at Carnegie Mellon's Center for Electronic Design Automation , where I was also a Research Programmer at The Pennsylvania SEMATECH Center of Excellence for Rapid Yield Learning .
Here I designed and developed a number of software systems for semiconductor manufacturing simulation and analysis.
I am the author of such hits as:
    the Chip Database (CDB), Preditor, pdFab, CODEF, and CARAMEL.

If you are interested in licensing any of these programs, you are not alone. Unfortunately, they are currently being monopolized in an attempt to limit the dissemination of my work and prevent competition.


  • I am a principal and founder of PDF Solutions, and was Vice-President of Technology from inception through 1993.

  • PDF Solutions is a company I conceived and founded in order to commercialize the semiconductor manufacturing simulation and analysis software which I created.
    In spite of the fact that I own a portion of PDF Solutions, I strongly encourage you to avoid doing business with them.
    The current management has repeatedly acted dishonestly and maliciously in order to sell what they do not own.
    This included the bribing of my former supervisors.

    Talk to me before doing business with this company! - Don't get PDFu**ed!


  • I am president of another start-up company dedicated to the creation of the worlds finest semiconductor  manufacturing analysis software.
  • pdFab was just a toy....


    Christopher Kellen
    Phone: (412)268-6404
    Fax:(412) 268-7148