Statement of Purpose

Cantonese Campus Fellowship is affiliated with Pittsburgh Chinese Church, and is a non-denominational Christian group composed mainly of Cantonese speaking students from Carnegie Mellon University. It was formed for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel, glorifying God, and to promote personal spiritual growth. This will be accomplished by worshipping through music, bible studies, prayer meetings, and cell groups.


President is responsible for calling meetings when necessary to discuss and plan overall goals for the fellowship and finding ways of achieving these goals. It is also the coordinator's duty to resolve any conflicts with exist internally or externally. President coordinates and prepares bible study and worship as well.

Vice-President is to coordinate and prepare bible study and worship part of the fellowship meetings, follow up with visitors, and lead campus publicity of fellowship events.

The secretary/treasurer is to manage all clerical duties such as accounting, bookkeeping, writing reports and minutes for officers meetings, and to report to the appropriate officers for any problems regarding the budget of the organization.

Devotional Leader
The role of the devotional leader is to organize prayer meeting and prayer request list, promote devotion sharing, and personal quiet time.

List of Officers and contact information

President Eva Ho
Vice President Ellein Cheng
Secretary and Treasurer Dennis Wong
Devotional Leader Iris Tsui

Membership Selection

Even though Cantonese Campus Fellowship is organized by a group of Cantonese speaking Christians, we welcome anyone who is interested in knowing our God. Therefore, we do not discriminate in anyway against race, age, or gender.

Officer Selection

Selection of new officers will take place at the end of spring semester. The selection process will begin with a series of nomination by members and officers, and the decision will be reached via group consensus from the officers of the preceding year. Although all members are encouraged to contribute to the fellowship, in order to hold officer position requires a minimum qualifications of: regular attendance and active participation, and positive contribution.