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The Malaysian Cultural Organization, Budaya, is a student organization founded in Carnegie Mellon University. Originally established in 1998 for the residents of the Malaysian community in CMU, Budaya later coalesced with PPMP, a similar organization for students studying at the University of Pittsburgh, in the year 2000. The organization promotes Malaysian culture to the general community and aims to expose other members of the community of the Malaysian heritage.

Our main objectives, apart from propagating and introducing the richness of Malaysian culture, also include fostering closer relationships among the Malaysian students with the Pittsburgh society. Budaya is also an organization which is intended to maintain a close network of its members with news of Malaysia.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a great summer. Its going to be merdeka soon, however our annuals ritual of painting the fence with our jalur gemilang will have to be pushed back away from our merdeka day because of the frats holding the fence and the hurricane. This weekend will be looking nice and sunny though, so Budaya is planning to have our first get together of year for us to gather again to share summer stories and to meet the new additions to the Budaya family. So yes, wat else to do but more food, so we've decided to do a BBQ this Saturday. The venue has yet to be totally decided, however we might just do it at Schendley park again. I'll be sending out an email out with the set time and place for the BBQ. So keep your Saturday afternoons free.

As for the fence, we're going to be extending our merdeka window for painting the fence. So hopefully sometime this week or next if we see the fence unguarded, we'll try to seize it and paint it.

Hope to see everyone around soon.

Han Chun

@ 12:02 AM

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