Madeline is now 18 months old.

She can now say many words and is learning her ABC's.
Her favorite show on television is Blue's Clues on Nick jr.

Another one of her favorite things is to sit down and have a book read toher.
Her favorite is MADELINE by Ludwig Bemelmans.

Her Mom and Dad could not be more proud.
Enjoy all the sites and sounds that is our Madeline.

Madeline's 1998 Calendar

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Here are some more Pictures of our little Girl.



Misc. photos / Studio pictures

Madeline Calendar Cover

-Parris Family Girls

-What a happy Smile!

-The littlest Pumpkin

-Uncle Joe & Maddie

Main Easter Pose

-Madeline under Blanket

-Angel Madeline

-Outdoor Easter

-Christmas Pose

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