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Appointed Positions

The following positions shall be appointed in order to aid in the execution of chapter operations. Positions not listed here may be appointed at the discretion of the President.

Sergeant at Arms
The Sergeant at Arms shall:
1. be responsible for all physical properties of the Chapter and the security thereof;
2. maintain all ceremonial equipment in a safe and secure fashion;
3. maintain a well trained ritual team;
4. acquire meeting rooms for Chapter meetings and ceremonies;
5. perform all other duties the President may require.

Alumni Relations Coordinator
The Alumni Relations Coordinator shall:
1. maintain an up to date permanent record of the Alumni Members of the Chapter;
2. encourage participation of Alumni Members in Chapter activities;
3. regularly inform all Chapter Alumni Members about Chapter activities;
4. coordinate with local alumni associations;
5. perform all other duties the President may require.

The Historian shall:
1. document events of the Chapter;
2. create a Chapter Scrapbook, or other record, documenting their term of office;
3. preserve the knowledge of Chapter traditions;
4. maintain a permanent record of information on activities of individual Members which are of historical interest;
5. perform all other duties the President may require.

Accounts Maintainer
The Accounts Maintainer shall maintian the information stored on the chapter's Andrew accounts, including but not limited to:
1. archiving or removing out of date files;
2. organizing files and directories;
3. keeping access rights up to date;
4. keeping dlists for chapter projects up to date;
5. changing the chapter's password on a regular basis.

Web Maintainer
The web maintainer shall keep the website up to date with informatoin pertaining to:
1. chapter membership;
2. meeting times and locations;
3. upcoming chapter events;
4. official chapter documents (bylaws and policies);
5. chapter contact information.

As adopted March 17, 2002

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