Laboratory for Innovation & Optimization of Artificial Organs (and Other Medical Devices)

James Antaki, PhD

Personal Interests

Harmonica Technology


Antique Radio and Medical Devices

Curriculum Vitae


BioMedical Design



Research Interests [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

·        Artificial Organ Development

·        Computational Design Optimization

·        Flow Visualization

·        Computer Simulation of Blood Flow

·        Hemorheology and Blood Trauma

·        Pediatric Ventricular Assist Devices

·        Feedback Control of Artificial Internal Organs

·        Cardiac Dynamics & Ventricular Recovery

·        Automated Medication Delivery

·        Artificial Muscle

·        Robotic Scrub Nurse

Industrial Collaborators

·        LaunchPoint, LLC

·        MedQuest Products, Inc

Academic Collaborations

·        NSF Center for e-Design

·        University of Pittsburgh Dept of Bioengineering



Design of Artificial Organs

·         Computational Flow Optimization of Artificial Heart Components

·        Design News: Maglev Heart-Assist Pump

·        Gait Power (Shoe-powered battery charger.)


Hemorheology and Blood Damage Modeling

·        Effects of turbulent stresses on mechanical hemolysis

·        A mathematical model for shear-induced hemolysis.


Hemodynamic Control of Ventricular Assist Devices

·        Induction of ventricular collapse by an axial flow blood pump.

·        Minimally-Invasive Estimation of Cardiac Function



·        Physics and Physiology of the Harmonica

·        Fiduciary Markers for MRI Imaging

·        Orthotropic Model for Myocardial Rheology



Artificial Organs

·        Streamliner Maglev Axial Flow Ventricular Assist Device


·        Electric Harmonica – TurboHarp/ELX

·        Acoustic Harmonica – TurboHarp/AX


·        Laparoscopic Brachytherapy Device





1.        University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Surgeons Implant HeartMate II Heart Assist Device as Part of U.S. Trial (04-14-04)

2.     StreamLiner Heart-Assist Device (Design News, 6/2000)



(under construction)

Fuel cell power packs for left ventricular assist devices (ICET, Inc.)

Contact Information

James F. Antaki, PhD.

Associate Professor

Biomedical Engineering & Computer Science

Carnegie Mellon University


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Associate Professor

Department of Bioengineering and Surgery

University of Pittsburgh

743 Benedum Hall

Pittsburgh, PA 15261