Anqi Yang
School of Software Engineering
Tongji University
Office: Jishi Building 301

I am an undergraduate student at Tongji University. Currently, I'm working as a research assistant at Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology CAS, advised by Professor Yu Qiao. I'm moving to Robotics Institue of Carnegie Mellon University as a research master student this autumn.

My research is in machine learning and computer vision, and I am interested in sparse representation and deep learning. My current research topics include sparse representation based 3D biometric recognition, pain expression detection, and semantic autoencoder for age-invariant face recognition.


Multi-dictionary Based Collaborative Representation for 3D Biometrics

Anqi Yang, Lin Zhang, Lida Li, Hongyu Li
Internation Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC), 2016

pdf | code

Towards Contactless Palmprint Recognition: A Novel Device, A New Benchmark, and A Collaborative Representation Based Identification Approach

Lin Zhang, Lida Li, Anqi Yang, Ying Shen, Meng Yang
Pattern Recognition, 2016

pdf | code