November - 2017  

  1. Taxing Atlas: Executive Compensation, Firm Size and Their Impact on Optimal Top Income Tax Rates
    (joint with A. Andres Bellofatto and Jessie Jiaxu Wang) Review of Economic Dynamics, Volume 26  (2017)  62-90
  2. Optimal Award Scheme in Innotvation Tournaments
    (joint with  Soo-Haeng Cho and Ersin Korpeoglu) Operations Research, Volume 65 No. 3 (2017) 693-702
  3. Non-Exclusive Dynamic Contracts  and the Limits of Insurance 
    Journal of Economic Theory, 166 (2016) 362-395 (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  4. Taxing Top CEO Incomes The American Economic Review, Volume 106 No. 11 (2016) 3311-3366
    (joint with Christopher Sleet)
  5. Technical Change, Wage Inequality and Taxes, The American Economic Review, Volume 105 No. 10 (2015) 3061-3101
    (joint with Musab Kurnaz and Christopher Sleet)
  6. A Theory of Political and Economic Cycles, Journal of Economic Theory, 153 (2014) 224-251
    (joint with Pricila Maziero, Pierre Yared) - APPENDIX
  7. Revision Proofness, Journal of Economic Theory, 152 (2014) 324-355
    (joint with Christopher Sleet)
  8. A Model of Banknote Discounts, Journal of Economic Theory, 142 (2008) 5-27
    (joint with Francesca Carapella, Pricila Maziero, Warren Weber)

Working Papers

  1. Accounting for Private Information 
    (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  2. Adverse Selection and Non-exclusive Contracts (Updated May - 2014)
    (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  3. Is There “Too Much” Inequality in Health Spending Across Income Groups? (Updated May - 2014)
    (joint with Roozbeh Hosseini, Larry E. Jones)
  4. Open Innovation and Agents’ Incentives in Tournaments (Updated - May 2017)
    (joint with  Soo-Haeng Cho and Ersin Korpeoglu)

Work in Progress
  1. Health Outcomes and Health Spending Across OECD Countries: The Importance of Obesity (joint with Roozbeh Hosseini and Yue Li)
  2. Taxation and Organization  (joint with Christopher Sleet)