March - 2014

  1. Revision Proofness Journal of Economic Theory (Forthcoming)
    (joint with Christopher Sleet)
  2. A Model of Banknote Discounts Journal of Economic Theory, 142 (2008) 5-27
    (joint with Francesca Carapella, Pricila Maziero, Warren Weber)

Working Papers

  1. Tasks, Talents, and Taxes   (joint with Musab Kurnaz and Christopher Sleet)   (NEW!)
  2. Non-Exclusive Dynamic Contracts  and the Limits of Insurance (Updated Mar - 2014)
    (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  3. Accounting for private information 
    (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  4. Adverse Selection and Non-exclusive Contracts (Updated Nov - 2013)
    (joint with Pricila Maziero)
  5. Is There “Too Much” Inequality in Health Spending Across Income Groups? (Updated Jun - 2013)
    (joint with Roozbeh Hosseini, Larry E. Jones)
  6. A Theory of Political and Economic Cycles (Updated Mar - 2014)
    (joint with Pricila Maziero, Pierre Yared)
  7. Innovation tournaments with multiple contributors  (Updated Jul - 2013)
    (joint with  Soo-Haeng Cho and Ersin Korpeoglu)

Work in Progress
  1. How Much Does Atlas Shrug? (joint with A. Andres Bellofatto and Jessie Jiaxu Wang)
  2. Accounting for Health Expenditures and Health Outcomes Across OECD Countries (joint with Roozbeh Hosseini)
  3.  Finite Revision Proofness  (joint with Christopher Sleet)
  4. Noisy Information in a Dynamic Principal Agent Problem
  5. Optimal Domestic Taxation and Sovereign Lending (joint with Pricila Maziero)