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aisling kelliher

Aisling Kelliher is an Associate Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, where she also holds an adjunct appointment in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

latest news

Aisling co-organized and presented a talk on "Critically Aware Multimedia" at the 3rd International workshop on Socially Aware Multimedia, co-located with ACM MM, November 7th 2014, Florida, USA.

She is also guest editing a special issue of IEEE Multimedia on "Social Multimedia and Storytelling: Using Social Media to Capture, Mine, and Recreate Experiences, Events, and Places" with Symeon Papadopoulos, The Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece, Pablo Cesar, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), The Netherlands, David Ayman Shamma, Yahoo! Research, USA and Ramesh Jain, University of California Irvine, USA.

Aisling joined the editorial board of IEEE MultiMedia Magazine in August 2014 as editor of the "Artful Media" column.

On June 10th, she presented her interaction design work for stroke rehabilitation as part of the keynote presentation at the Quality of Life Technology Summit at Carnegie Mellon University

In May, Aisling was invited to participate in the Oxford Futures Forum, where she also exhibited “Re-emerge”, a retrospective of the Emerge: Artists and Scientists Design the Future event.

Aisling participated in the “Curating The Digital: Spaces for Art and Interaction” workshop at CHI, April 25 – 26, Toronto, Canada. She also served on the design jury for the CHI student design competition.

Aisling co-organized the 1st International Workshop on Social Multimedia and Storytelling, co-located with ICMR 2014, April 1st 2014, Glasgow, Scotland.

Aisling co-hosted a workshop on "Digital storytelling for hybrid and immersive media experiences" at NTNU, Oslo, Norway on March 11 - 12th, 2014. The workshop was generously funded by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU)M

Over the last few months, Aisling chatted with Luke Clancy of Culture File fame on Irish national radio about reverse engineering the web; digital audio compression; drone fairies"; Health monitoring; MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses); Twitter's Vine; Studies of 'Millenials'; and intimacy over the Internet

spring teaching

In Spring 2015 she is teaching 'Design Fiction and Imaginary Futures' and 'Experiential Media Design'

current research

Aisling leads the Visible Process Lab at CMU's School of Design. Together with a great cohort of students and research scientist Daragh Byrne, she is studying computational documentation, social curation, and the development of experiential media systems.

recent and forthcoming publications

A. Kelliher and D. Byrne. (2015). Research through Design, Documentation, Annotation, and Curation, forthcoming at ISEA 2015, Aug 14 – 18, Vancouver, Canada

D. Byrne and A. Kelliher. (2015). Identifying community resources using data mining, crowdsourcing, and networked co-curation, forthcoming at ISEA 2015, Aug 14 – 18, Vancouver, Canada

A. Kelliher. (2015). Machines Learning Culture, forthcoming in the April- June issue of IEEE MultiMedia

R. Gulotta, A. Sciuto, A. Kelliher, and J. Forlizzi. (2015). Making use of metadata: Investigating digital information as a means of reflecting on experience and legacy, forthcoming at CHI 2015, April 20 - 24, Seoul Korea.

A. Kelliher and D. Byrne. (2014). Design futures in action: documenting experiential futures for participatory audiences, Futures 2014.

A. Kelliher (2014). Critical Multimedia, IEEE MultiMedia, Vol 21, Issue 4, Oct - Dec 2014.

D. Byrne, A. Kelliher, T. Rikakis, D. Cox. (2014). Showcasing Impact: curating art/science integration within the XSEAD platform, in Proceedings of the Curating the Digital: Spaces for Art and Interaction Workshop at CHI 2014, April 26 - 27 2014.