Courses at Carnegie Mellon (Chronologically)

  • Fundamentals of Embedded Systems
  • Fundamentals of Computer Networks
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Management
  • Distributed Systems
  • Image Video Multimedia Processing
  • Web Application Development
  • Information Systems Modelling
  • Embedded Real Time Systems
  • Advanced Database Management
  • Internet Security
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology


    Real Time Operating System Kernel
    Course project for Embedded Systems.
    Implementation of interrupt handling, scheduling, context switching, task management, concurrency control and priority ceiling emulation protocol. (C, Assembly) Fall 2010

    Peer2Peer Distributed System for Public Transit Tracking
    Development of a P2P Distributed System for real time tracking of buses using real world data in Pittsburgh. (Erlang, Java) Spring 2011

    NewTube (Video Sharing Website)
    Video sharing website using elastic cloud storage based on MVC architecture. (Java, JSP) Spring 2011

    Micro-expression Detection
    Detection and Classification of Microexpressions. (Matlab) Spring 2011

    RFID based Product Authentication System for Supply Chain Mgmt
    An end-to-end and fully autonomous solution for product authentication in a product supply chain with the use of RFID technology and cryptography. (C, VB) Aug 2008- May 2009

    SMS based Appliance Control System
    Control of Remote Electrical Appliances with the help of the text message service by the use of secure keywords. (C) Mar 2008

    Ongoing course projects in Real Time Embedded Systems (Android Kernel), Advanced Databases Fall 2011