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Welcome to the web site of Carnegie Mellon University's Pre-Law Society.

What Is The Pre-Law Society?

What Is On This Site?

Navigation of this site is done by using the links on the left of each page. If a link does not have a hyperlink (i.e. does not look like this), that is the current page. A brief description of each page is provided below.

Introduction: The introduction is this page. It serves as a source of information about the Pre-Law Society. This information includes, but is not limited to, the Pre-Law Society's goals, achievements, and web page.

Advising: This page serves as a source of information specifically on who is the advisor and what courses someone should take to prepare themselves for law school admissions. This page also lists requirements and provides guides to what most law schools require outside of a course load, such as personal statement and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).

Related Courses: What to know about courses have some law content?

Upcoming Events: What to have some fun? Attend one of the events held by the Pre-Law Society.

Faculty: On this page, faculty related to law are featured.

Students: Alumni who attended law school and current students thinking about law school discuss.

Mock Trial: This page has information about a Carnegie Mellon University organization that competes annually.

Web Links: A variety of web links will help a student interested in law school.

Contact Info: Dislike something about the site? Like the Pre-Law Society and want to join? Find information on who to speak to.

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