Just trying to get back to the Fam'? Well here are numbers from several European countries to contact AT&T, so that you may make that call.

Austria: 022-903-011 :Österreich
Belgium: 11-0010 :Belgien
Czech Republic: 00-420-0010 :Tschechische Republik
Denmark: 8001-0010 :Dänemark
Finland: 9800-100-10 :Finnland
France: 19*-0011 :Frankreich
Germany: 0130-0010 :Deutschland
Greece: 00-800-1311 :Griechenland
Hungary: 00*-36-0111 :Ungarn
Italy: 172-1011 :Italien
Netherlands/Holland: 06*-022-9111 :Holland
Norway: 050-12-011 :Norwegen
Sweden: 020-795-611 :Schweden
Switzerland: 046-05-0011 :Schweiz
United Kingdom: 0800-89-0011 :Grossbritannien

* Signifies wait for second dial tone after dialing.

All calls CAN be made from public phones and are FREE. Though some require an initial deposit, it will be returned after the call is completed.

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