Carnival is one of CMU's most exciting events. Its a four day adventure where an entire fair comes to CMU, complete with rides, junk food and the greatest things you will ever see. Also know as, Booths! Each organization, compete against each other to win the title of the best booth. Its super intense, teams stay up all night the week before the opening of their booth.


MayurSASA's first involvement with Booth started in 2008. We created a Taj Mahal Booth by teaming up with the International Student Union. The entire booth was made from scratch and came complete wtih a huge over hanging dome! (Check it out here) Needless to say, for our first year, we made a pretty good name for ourselves.


Be sure to join booth this upcoming year! It's intense, its painful, frustrating, and its complete madness. But its also the most fun you'll ever have at CMU. Seriously, its ridiculous amounts of fun. Check back later in the year as Carnival draws closer!

This is Mayur-SASA's first year with a Freshmen Committee!

The Freshmen Committee are made up of 15 very intelligent, capable and extremely fun individuals, who are dedicated and interested in Mayur-SASA. This past semester alone, they have helped out with large-scale Mayur-SASA events, like Diwali Eid and the Mayur Show, while also creating and running their own events.


The first Freshmen Committee Event was the Freshmen Dinner, which was a huge success! Freshmen Mayur-SASA members (along with some members of the Board) got all fancied up and went to Station Square to enjoy a ride on the Mt. Washington Incline and an awesome dinner at Bella Vista. Check out some pics here!

The Mayur Show!

The Mayur Show has been a Carnegie Mellon tradition for 8 years now. The first 6 shows were hosted by one of MayurSASA's predeccesors, Mayur. The massive, widely popular event showcased everything from dances to fashion shows and comedy acts to guest acapella performances. Of course everything with a South Asian twist.

Every year, MayurSASA puts on an annual Mayur Show, showcasing the talents of the MayurSASA community. This past year, the show was entitled The Desi Effect. It was a story about what it really means to be Desi. The show featured a number of dances, two fashion shows and a hip script that wove together like a quilt. Heres a clip of one of the dances performed at this past year's Mayur Show. Check more videos through YouTube and click here for Pics!



Mellon Masala was the 2008 Mayur Show. The 2008 Mayur Show was the first of its kind in almost every aspect. New Venue. A full fledged play with performances weaved into the story. The show was as close to a live action Bollywood film as one could get without hiring Shah Rukh. On the right is a clip from Mellon Masala. Check out pics from the show!

The 2007 Mayur Show entitled Tatva was an adventure through the 4 elements. with high energy dance and wide variety of performances the show entertained a packed audience. Click to see pics from Tatva!

Diwali Eid Celebration!

Last year, MayurSASA held a Diwali Eid celebration in Weigand Gym. It was huge success! Food was catered from Udipi and different CMU organizations set up a mini marketplace in the front of the gym.


Also at the Diwali Eid celebration, there some cultural acts put together by OM, MSA, MayurSASA, Tanah and Deewane. Overrall the event was delicious, creative and festive!


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Relay for Life is one of CMU's many philanthropic events. It was started by the American Cancer Society as a means to raise money for cancer research and engage community involvement in the struggle against cancer. Teams of individuals meet at high school, community center, stadium, or any other location where they walk around a track for up to 24 hours. Relay for Life is usually held in October. Participants walk the track from roughly 6 at night to 6 in the morning. This year Mayur-SASA's goal is to raise a significant amount of money for cancer research.

In the past, Mayur-SASA has given away free shirts, frisbies, and other really awesome merchandise, so please get involved! Click here for pics



Bhangra in the Burgh is Pittsburgh's hottest bhangra competition. Teams from around the country come to the Burgh to participate in this non-stop, high-energy competition. Having only started in 2007, Bhangra in the Burgh has made an amazing name for itself. Last year, the venue was sold out with almost 2,500 people at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial. The competition included eight different collegiate teams, from New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Needless to say, the dances were unbelievable, the dancers were unstoppable and the crowd was completely enthralled.


BIB (Bhangra in the Burgh) is run by a seperate committee of highly dedicated and immensely hardworking Carnegie Mellon students. These students take on every responsibility for this event, from calling sponsors, to fundraising, to promoting and advertising, to selling and collecting tickets. Not only was Bhangra in the Burgh a massive success, it also raised over $5,000 for the local Homeless Children's Educational Fund of Alleghany County. This donation has helped over 35,000 children from Alleghany County.
This upcoming year, BIB hopes to surpass the success of 2008. Join us for Bhangra in the Burgh on January 30, 2010, and help make that possible! Check out Pics from BIB!

MayurSASA strives to promote cultural awareness and celebrate diversity through social, educational and philanthropic events. Each year MayurSASA holds a varity of events both on and off campus. MayurSASA is usually involved with around four or five large events: Bhangra in the Burgh, Mayur Show, Booth, and Diwali/Eid Celebration. In addition to the larger events, MayurSASA holds many smaller on campus events as well. Events are of course never limited to just South Asians, and tend to involve the greater Carnegie Mellon community as a whole.


In the past, when MayurSASA was two different organizations, Mayur mostly handled the cultural activities and SASA organized social events. Since the merge of these two organizations in 2006, MayurSASA has proudly held events such as Freshman barbeque, Diwali and Eid celebrations, Hindi movie screenings, Sandwiches for Soldiers, annual Mayur Show, Pakistan awareness week, Asha Charity Dinner, Gandhi's Birthday Celebration, Booth for Carnival, and a Formal involving other CMU organizations.

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Welcome to MayurSASA!

Welcome! We are proud to present to you the Mayur South Asian Student Alliance, or MayurSASA for short, of Carnegie Mellon University. MayurSASA is the premier South Asian student organization on campus. MayurSASA is also one of the biggest organizations on campus, with over 300 members.


Mayur-SASA tee shirts are on sale! They are only $10 and already selling fast. Send us an email if you want one!

Annual Mayur Show! Coming to Weigand Gym November 7. Want to get involved? Email us! Stay tuned ;)

BHANGRA IN THE BURGH:: Experience It.Check out this hot bhangra competition featuring top national teams on January 30, 2010. Click here, Be there.

Upcoming Events:

This Wednesday, October 14 in Doherty Hall 1117 from 4:30-6:30 pm is Mayur-SASA's Bollywood Aaj Kaal event. Would you call yourself a Bollywood guru? Would you like to prove it to your peers once and for all? Show off your stuff at this event where old Bollywood meets new Bollywood in trivia games as well as discussion. FREE ALL YOU CAN EAT MAGGI NOODLES WILL BE PROVIDED.

Thursday, October 14, Mayur-SASA is having another movie night. Except this time we are showing TWO movies! Hera Pheri at 7:00 and Dil Bole Hadippa at 10:00. Come to McConomy Auditorium for free movies and delicious samosas for a dollar.

Check out pictures from featuring members of the MayurSASA general body!