Information Warfare
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Spring 2011

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The Heinz College, CMU
The Art of War This is the required textbook of the course available online (Translated by Lionel Giles)
Honeynet Project Collection of observations from the Honeynet Project, talking about the hacker community. This site has a lot of information about encryption from one of its leading (unclassified) practitioners. Their electronic newsletter "Cryptogram" is well worth reading.
Dumpster Diving Here is an interesting article on dumpster diving, stressing the need toinclude trash as part of physical security.
Hacker Crackdown This is a reasonably thorough discussion of some of the roots of the Internet and of crackers/defenders/civil libertarians on the Net.
StuxNet Read about the Stuxnet Worm, a self-propagating targeted attack that seems to have been directed against nuclear materials production.
Warhol Worms Warhol worms - fast attack strategies on the Internet.
Security Attribute Security Attribute Evaluation Method, a means of identifying useful overlapping layers of security controls.
Strategic Studies Quarterly Spring 2011 (Vol 5, No 1) is a special issue on cyberwar, with some pretty prestigous contributors
GreyLogic Cyber War Report A perspective on the state of cyberwar capabilities worldwide from the July 2008 Georgia Cyberattack until July 2009.