Homework #2 Sample Solution
Note: As with the Homework #1 sample, this sample was created with System Architect, a rather expensive and cruddy (but UML compliant) CASE tool available on some CCS-maintained Andrew machines. If you can't get Softera (also pretty cruddy) to work on your machine at home, you might want to give this a try. I know for a fact that it's available on the first three rows of the cluster in Cyert Hall.

Problem #1: Extending the Hotel model with Amenities and Seasons (a and b combined)


Problem #2.a: User Authorization Diagram with Association classes


Problem #2.b: User Authorization Diagram without Association classes


Problem #3: Comparison of Association class notation v. conventional notation

The two diagrams shown below problem 3 mean exactly the same thing.  The only difference is that when the association class is explicitly given using new notation, the relationship between the two primary classes involved becomes more clear.  However, using such less common notation may impact the readability of your diagram if your audience does not have heavy UML experience.  For the purposes of the assignment, any reasonable comment on their differences received full credit.

Problem #4: Church System

Note: Again, no sample is being provided, since this assignment builds on your later project work.