From the paper lab instructions: "To have your design considered for machining, you must have its IGES file available in the directory specified by noon on Thursday April 24."

Even if you miss the noon Thursday deadline, you should still turn in a copy of both your ProE *.prt file and IGES file by Friday April 25 2:30 pm.

Here are the directions on what to name the files and what directory to copy them into.

1. Name your files like this: The first letter will be your lab section (a, b, or c). The following letters will be the first letters of the last names of the group members.

For example, the group consisting of Aziz Hassan, Joseph Kovacocy, and Michael Malito in section B will use filenames beginning with "bhkm". (Feel free to put the last three letters in any order, if you want to create some witty word or sound.)

2. Copy and rename both your *.prt file and your *.igs file to the directory

For example, if the group consisting of Aziz Hassan, Joseph Kovacocy, and Michael Malito initially named their ProE part file "wrench.prt" and their IGES file "wrench.igs", then they should cd to the directory in which those files are located and type these two commands:

cp wrench.prt /afs/andrew/course/24/203/www/turnin/bhkm.prt
cp wrench.igs /afs/andrew/course/24/203/www/turnin/bhkm.igs

The filing system automatically records the time at which you copy the file into the directory.

Don't worry that someone else in the class might copy, alter, or delete your files after you turn them in. Even though any Andrew user has permission to put files into the directory, only Jack Beuth and Richard Chin have permission to read, alter, or delete files in the directory.