20-760: Web-Based Information Architectures

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Date Topic Reading Handouts
Oct 23 IR systems, functional view Chapters 1 and 2 of the Textbook lecture1
Oct 28 IR under the hood 1: Vector Space Model, term weighting, evaluation and query expansion   lecture2
  IR under the hood 2: Generalized Vector Space Model and Maximal Marginal Relevance    
  Applying IR to Ecommerce    
  Distributed Information Retrieval
Special Guest Lecturer: Dr. Jaime Callan
  Text Categorization: k Nearest Neighbour Algorithm
Special Guest Lecturer: Paul Bennett
  Building Web Spiders    
  Midterm Exam (in-class)    
  Text Extraction & Mining    
  Introduction to Data Mining    
  Speech Processing: Recognition and Synthesis
Special Guest Lecturer: Dr. Alan Black
  Business Applications for Information Retrieval and Data Mining    
  Project Presentations by Students
Dec 13  2:00pm-5:00pm Final Exam -  

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