Lab Rules / AFS / Handing in Homeworks

Lab Computers

The machines in the REL are a shared resource, please treat them as such. The machines are setup in a way that all CMRoboBits students share the same Windows Account.

This means that you need to follow a few simple rules:

Your personal AFS directory

We provide each student with a dedicated space to store their project-related files. This space will also act as a digital dropbox to hand in your labs. Your directory is named by your andrew-id and is located in
We strongly encourage all students use AFS to store their files because it is secure, backed-up nightly, and machine-independent. Not being able to hand-in a homework due to data-loss on your local hard-drive is not an excuse!

You can mount your dedicated space to the local machine with OpenAFS. OpenAFS is a program that is loaded on all the programs in the lab and allows you to keep a virtual copy of your AFS space to your local machine as if it were a local drive.

How To Hand-In your Homework

Within your AFS directory you will find a "dropbox" folder which contains a folder for each lab that you are going to hand in. Simply copy your entire project into this directory before the due date. IMPORTANT: It is not sufficient to only hand in the .mvpl file. You need to hand-in your entire project-directory including all .xml files etc...

Additionally, place a readme.txt file in the same directory. In it, please put:

Accessing AFS from other facilitized windows-machines (e.g. Computer Cluster)

To access your AFS directory from any facilitized windows machine, simply do the following: