15-312 Foundations of Programming Languages


Topic Due Written template Code handout Solutions
0 Rule Induction Jan 20 hw0-template.tex (none) hw0-sol.pdf
1 Abstract Binding Trees, Dynamics and Statics Feb 3 hw1-template.tex, mathpartir.sty, code.sty hw1.tgz hw1-sol.pdf
2 Recursion, Finite Data Types and Pattern Matching Feb 17 hw2-template.tex hw2.tgz hw2-sol.pdf
3 Dynamic Typing Mar 4 hw3-template.tex hw3.tgz hw3-sol.pdf
4 Imperative Programming with Algol Mar 31 hw4-template.tex hw4.tgz hw4-sol.pdf
5 Polymorphism and Typed Elaboration Apr 14 hw5.tgz hw5-sol.pdf
6 Bounded Implementations of Nested Parallelism Apr 30 hw6.tgz hw6-sol.pdf


In the tex files we distribute, we use the LaTeX proof.sty package to typeset derivations.

Handin process

All students in the class (or on the waitlist) should have a directory with their AndrewID in it that is a subdirectory of:


This folder has subdirectories assn0, assn1, and so on that they have write access to. Students should put the written portion of assignment 4 (for example) in a PDF labeled assn4/assn4.pdf, and should have their code for assignment 4 (if any) in that same directory.

WARNING: the code we distribute will unpack in the same directory (it doesn't unpack as a directory). This is the behavior you want if you're unpacking the code in your handin directory, but might not be what you'd expect if you're on your own computer.

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