Competition Programming and Problem Solving (15-295)

Spring 2015

Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm, GHC 4307

Danny Sleator
Office: Gates 8113
E-mail: sleator -at- cs
Phone: (412) 268-7563

Here is the Piazza Site.
Yan Gu
Office: Gates 7117
E-mail: -at- cs
Phone: (412) 553-9960
    Jakub Pachocki
Office: Gates 9225
E-mail: meret -at- cs
Phone: (412) 515-6147

Google Group: , everyone in 15-295 and/or the programming team should be in this group. Class announcement will be given using this Google group.


Course Schedule and Materials

Examples of standard competition programming tecniques

Week 1(Jan 14):
Week 2(Jan 21):
Week 3(Jan 28):
Week 4(Feb 4):
Week 5(Feb 11):
Week 6(Feb 18):
Week 7(Feb 25):
Week 8(Mar 4):
Week 9(Mar 11): Spring Break
Week 10(Mar 18):
Week 11(Mar 25):
Week 12(Apr 1):
Week 13(Apr 8):
Week 14(Apr 15):
Week 15(Apr 22):
Week 16(Apr 29):

Grading Policy

This course is for 6 units. Your grade in this class is a decided using the number of classes that you attended, and the number of CodeForces and TopCoder problems that you solve during a real contest.

The numerical grade of this course is the sum of the number of problems you solved in CodeForces (Y) and TopCoder (Z), and the point you earn in class (X). If you solve a problem during the class, you will get the points (1, 1.5 or 2) of that problem. Otherwise, if you solve the problems in the following week, you get 0.5 point for 1-point problems and 1 point for other problems.

Your numerical grade is X+Y+Z. Your units/grade is then determined by the following ranges:

Scores are tracked using this Google Doc. Please verify and let us know of discrepancies

The time period for contests in CodeForces and TopCoder that count as grade is from Jan. 12 to Apr. 29.

There is no limit to the number of points that you can get. A list of past high scores is located here.

Course Materials

Useful Resources