15-211: Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Setup

Submission Procedure

Using SSH Secure Shell

Using KerbFTP

Bboard, how do I access it?

Here are 2 ways to access the bboard.

  1. Using Webmail (https://webmail.andrew.cmu.edu/).
    Login, and then click on FOLDERS. Under "UNSUBSCRIBE/SUBSCRIBE" type in " academic.cs.15-211". Click "Subscribe", and you are done.
  2. Using Pine.
    Login. Go to Folder List.Go down to Bboards, and hit enter. Hit "a" for addsub. Type in "academic.cs.15-211" without quotes

How do I post to the bboard?

Zipping Files on Imac

To zip all the files in a folder named myFolder into a single myZip file you do the following:

UNIX Operations

Here is a list of some commands that will come in handy when you want to manage your files on AFS.

Read more on Unix commands (pdf).

What if I need more time to do a homework assignment?

If you feel that you have a good reason for an extension, please see an instructor or your TA in person, preferably during office hours.

Last updated 5/5/2011
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