On Blackboard for your grades you should be able to find your "Weighted Score". This counts each quiz and homework as 10 points and each exam as 100 points with nothing dropped (at this stage). The total number of points is 450 and what is shown as the weighted score is your average. The display here is the class distribution of the weighted scores to date so that you can judge how you are performing. (These, of course, are relevant only if you will have passed the Mastery Exam by May 3.) Since there is potentially a lot of leverage left in what final weighed scores might look like (1 quiz, 4 homeworks, 200 exam points maybe and the drops allowed) what constitutes the borders between letter grades is undetermined until after May 3. Example from chart: there are 2 students whose weighted averages are above 25.00% but below 30.00% (the leftmost bar).