Course Syllabus

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  Topic Chapter Restrictions
Atomicity (Existence of Atoms and Molecules)
  Properties and Measurement App 1.6, 2  
  Existence of Atoms 2  
  Measuring Molecules 3  
  Solutions and Dilutions 4 Sec. 3
Atomic Structure
  Nature of Atoms, Quanta, Light;
Atomic Orbitals, Periodicity
Molecular Structure
  Fundamentals of Chemical Bonding
and Molecular Geometry
  Molecular Basis of Acid Strength not in text  
  Molecular Orbitals 14 through 14.6
  Intermolecular Interactions: Gases 5 skip Secs. 6-9, 12
  Intermolecular Interactions: Solids,
Liquids, Gases; Solubility
16 Sec. 1,2
  Transition Metal Complexes 19 Skip Sec. 2
* Amino Acids and Proteins 21 Sec. 6 through
p. 1050

Note: There is a significant amount of additional material covered in lecture that is not found in the current textbook and so does not appear explicitly in the above list but will show up on the evolving "Outline".

*(Time permitting)